The former Ningbo Trainee Electrical Appliance Co.Ltd is Ningbo Sanejoy Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd which was established in 2001 with the total area of 10000 square meter and the building area of more than 20000 square meter. It has specialized in manufacturing personal care electrical appliances for years, including rechargeable hair clippers, shavers , beauty care kits which are approved by CE/GS/RoHS/FCC certification. Approved by ISO9001:2015 Quality Management system , the company has its strong ability in technical development and production capacity and export its goods to Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. The name of this company was changed to be Ningbo Trainee Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd in 2018.        
       In the spirit of “ Quality first, customer supreme” and” Strict management , elaborate workmanship”, we are making quality products for the customers around the world.

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    Have Foreign Trade experience, familiar with foreign trade export process and order management process, familiar with all kinds of foreign trade documents, business letters, have the ability to develo
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